UR Essential | You are important and you must keep healthy
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You are important and you must keep healthy


You are important and you must keep healthy

I am sitting here listening to tango music and pondering this first blog post for UR essential.  It is a bitterly cold night here in NE Washington, winter has begun.  I am cozy and warm inside and I am grateful for hearth and home.  

UR essential is what I want to say.  You are important and you must keep healthy.  Be well and do good for another being whenever you can. Many inspired individuals can together weave a beautiful web of love around life on earth.  Business can be a force for good.

Our medicinal 100% pure organic essential oil salves are 100% good for you and yours.  

UR essential is founded upon the vision to bring people and essential oils together

for organic plant powered healing and to serve the greater good.

We create to give back, 10% of gross profit goes to the care and protection of our Environment.

UR essential was inspired by my commitment to the well being of my beloved daughters.  To create and use pure organic essential oil salves to care for common health issues like a cold or a scrape or assist with a peaceful bedtime, sometimes all three at once!  Essential oils do this with such effectiveness and are so lovely to use.  

UR essential as a brand wants to inspire people to be well, feel essential and do good for the Planet.  I would love to share this and more with you via email.  I would love to bring you into the UR essential conversation/community where we can swap inspiring stories of essential people and the good works they do. From time to time we will share a special UR essential offering or tidbits of essential oil knowledge. Also, let us know about you – tell us about the good work you are doing or of someone you know who is a environmental hero in someway, big or small, it all adds up.   Ask us your questions. Share stories and ideas about solutions for a healthy relationship with Nature.  

Thank you for stopping by, may you be well all your days and full of love.


Lea Ryan, Founder

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