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Love Letters

I love your respiratory rub…sick children need it…it is not too strong for sensitive people, yet it opens up the airways so sleeping and breathing are relieved…” – Rebecca 

This is the BEST Respiratory rub Ever peoples.. I highly recommend it! I have had real results with my children when they are congested. I rub it on the back and feet… ” – Angela  

I put it on the bottom of my feet, on my chest, and in my armpits – and when I wake up in the morning I go- ahhhh, I can breathe” Syreese (age 11)

This is my favorite stuff” – Desmond (age 5)

Yes, yes, yes!!! A tried and true product that I felt so comfortable using to indeed provide comfort my son!!!” – Catherine

With cold season coming up, I highly recommend Respiratory Rub. Not at all greasy, totally absorbs into your skin. Try it!  Also, my college kid uses it for a restful night’s sleep before stressful exams! It’s not just for colds! ” – Lorrie

It’s great – works wonders, faster than all the other stuff.  I can feel it absorbing and working right away” – Cody

My little girl loves it and it also helped with her allergy to night blooming flowers – we can leave the bedroom window open now in the summer.  I want to buy a jar for all my friends with kids” – Alicia

I think it is wonderful.  Because it clears my sinuses and I don’t have to take my allergy medicine.  I just rub it on my feet before I go to bed and then I can breathe all night long without having to take any medicine. And during the daytime I put it on my feet in the morning before I put my shoes on whether I’m wearing socks or flip-flops and it does the same thing. I don’t have to take allergy medicine during the day because it keeps my sinuses clear and I didn’t even get a sinus infection or have to take medicine all summer.  I usually get a sinus infection because of my hay fever.  All that stuff builds up and doesn’t drain well and respiratory rub keeps it all draining.  Thank you!!!” – Andrea

So, last Christmas, I had some customers come in and I had them buy it for their elderly parents who have difficulty breathing – especially in the winter time.  The parents have lung problems, and they have asthma as well, my customer bought some for the parents and they loved it so much she came back for more because it worked so well.” – Owner of ‘A boutique’

I have had this respiratory rub… great healthy and opening feeling!” – Cass

I’ve used sweet dreams salve for minor sleep problems and I do believe it helped me sleep. As an added bonus, I put it in my thick wavy hair to tame it a bit one day and it made it settle down, brought out the waves and smells wonderful…a multi tasker! – Lucia

I am a big fan of all three products! BREATHE gets me through allergy season and winter colds. I love taking a deep breath of it. My daughter used it when she was in college the night before an exam! Her good luck charm. If I’ve had a stressful day, or if I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep, SLEEP is on my nightstand, ready to go to work and put me in a restful state. HEAL has many uses. The most unusual I found was it helped a problem I was having with toe nail fungus on a painful little toe! No kidding! I was ready to ask for amputation, then started putting HEAL on it every night before I went to bed, and after showers. All better. They make great gifts, too! My girls expect them in their Xmas packages! – Lorrie

I absolutely love these products! Heal is wonderful! I had a bad burn on my wrist after applying soothed the pain right away and couldn’t believe how fast it healed.Sleep is right next to my bed, helps me relax and fall asleep, also I use when I’m stressed.Breath helps us through cold season, allergies and the smell of all these products are so comforting.They are amazing to give as gifts, family and friends will love you for it.My daughter love these products too.You have to check them out now!!! – Pam

Love love love all of these products! Heal is great for everything from scrapes and burns to bug bites, takes away itch and makes bump go away faster. Breathe is my favorite smell, I love to carry one of the small jars around with me so I can sniff a little tranquility at any time in my day. Also good to rub into my feet after showering then put on a clean pair of socks, feels amazing! And your feet are very absorbent so you get the max benefit of all healing essential oil properties – Rose

Heal & Sleep from UR Essential and amazing!! They both smell very good in their own unique way. The heal does a great job, my Mom had a burn and we applied it everyday and it healed fast! I love that it is safe for animals and works on them also. The sleep helps a lot too. I like to rub it in my hands and whiff it, also under my nose, as well as ‘Breathe’ . It clears up your nose, works great! Thank you for creating these magical wonders Lea!! – Sierra

Cuts and Scrapes worked great after I skinned up my shin while mountain biking. But it also works for furry friends too. My Doberman had a cracked paw and it was really painful for him. I put a little dab on the crack and wrapped it with a bandage. Within 24 hours I saw a HUGE improvement and I was amazed. Cracked paws are really difficult to heal and at first I thought I was looking at the wrong paw because the difference was so dramatic. Thank you UR Essential! I also love Breathe and won’t leave home without it. As soon as I start to feel congested I use a small amount and feel it working quickly. I take it with me when traveling to help relive the stuffed-up head feeling after flying. The scent is amazing! – Michelle

I’ve been using the Sleep blend to massage my 2 yr olds legs and feet at night as part of the bedtime routine. She loves it and seems to not only fall asleep much more quickly, but seems to sleep much more deeply. I feel like I am sleeping more deeply as well! – Rebekah

I can not go back to AZ without a jar of cuts and scapes. Love it! – Wendy

I’ll be needing some more of your “sweet dreams” salve soon. It sure helps me. – Jan

With all this lovely weather, I’ve been putting in many hours in the garden. My hands were red, rough, chapped, inflamed cuticles… Cuts & Scrapes to the rescue! After just two applications my hands are now smoother & softer than before, cuticles are almost back to normal. – Caroline

Feeling congested and using respiratory rub so I don’t get sick! – Raven

This stuff is absolutely incredible! Everyone should have this in their medicine cabinet. – Gloria

Product Reviews

Product review – UR essential Respiratory Rub

Reviewer: Dina
Website: Be Beauty Smart Blog

“My name is Dina and I am a certified esthetician since 2004.  My blog is about beauty, health, skin care, natural, organic products, ingredients and DIY beauty recipes.”

Licensed Acupunturist & owner of Under the Salmon Moon

Reviewer: Jeanne Mare Werle, L.Ac.

“Road trips have been a plenty this year for study and fun. “Sleep” seeps through my feet & wrists while my body adjusts to strange beds & motel air bringing me into alignment & luring me into the dreamtime. You can be sure “Cuts & Scraps” & “Breathe” are also tossed into my medicine bag. As an Acupuncturist and Herbalist I am very selective about quality and the intention that is put into products.  UR essential sits center stage on the shelves of my office in White Salmon, WA. & Camas, WA.”